Company Profile

Company Profile

The company, PBC, is the personal, service providing, business of Mr. Panagiotis Bassios who possesses a 15-year experience in the information technology (IT) sector both in Greece and in the USA.

Mr. Bassios graduated from the Electrical Engineering Department of the National Technical University of Athens in Athens, Greece in 1994 and proceeded with acquiring his "Master of Science in Electrical Engineering" degree from Stanford University in California, U.S.A. in 1996.

After 7 years in the USA, in the area of Silicon Valley in California, and after having worked for 2 very large multinational computer companies, Mr. Bassios returned to Greece (more specifically in Athens) where he started his personal business in November of 2002. In August of 2005 he was accepted to join the Executive M.B.A. program of the Athens University of Economics and Business which he completed in the summer of 2007.

Companies and organizations which Mr. Bassios has cooperated with, include:

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