Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Take advantage of the services we are offering in the new and upcoming area of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in order for you to expose your business, increase your brand recognition and in general achieve the goals you have set for your comapny (increase customer base, increase sales, increase market awareness, inform the audience or anything else related to your goals).

The 2 sectors related to SEM, for both of which we are offering related services, are:

  • Achieve top ranking in the search engine query results
  • Manage marketing and advertising campaigns through the 2 largest SEM frameworks (Google's AdWords and Yahoo's Search Marketing Program)

We would like to emphasize on the 2nd sector which is the upcoming marketing and advertising mechanism for a company through the Internet. A company can implement either wide marketing and advertising campaigns (which create Ads seen by more than 80% of the Internet users) or local, targeted campaigns for particular audience. That enables the company to maximize its ROI (Return On Investment) for every campaign.

For the 2nd sector, you can take advantage of our experience and knowledge which can be backed up by the fact that Mr. Bassios is a certified:

  • Google AdWords Search Engine Marketing Professional as well as
  • Yahoo Ambassador Search Engine Marketing Professional

Contact us if you need more information regarding the above mentioned services. Take advantage of the experience and knowledge we have on the subject which is new, upcoming and has the ability to increase your company's recognition, increase you sales and in general achieve the goals you have set for your company.

Download the PBC presentation on Search Engine Marketing (January 2006 - Greek version only).

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