Web Sites & Portals

Web sites and Portals

Take advantage of the power which Internet has to offer and aquire a Web presence for your business or for you personally)! Use the Internet for your personal and professional public exposure and empower your brand name.

Trust us to consult you on every subject which relates to your Web presence for you and your business, as well as for the construction of your Web site / Portal, since we have lived the Internet since its birth and we have aquired vast experience in that sector since 1992.

Our services include:

  • Optimal domain name and registrar choice
  • Optimal hosting provider choice
  • Graphics usage consultation
  • Design architecture consultation
  • Content consultation
  • Marketing strategy and promotion method consultation for search engines and directories

Furthermore, regarding the construction of Web sites and Portals, we offer

  • Requirement and analysis gathering of your needs
  • Business process construction
  • Domain name registration on your behalf
  • Hosting providing through prostiguous and reliable hosting providers
  • Graphics proposals so that you can pick the one that fits your needs
  • Photograph shooting and processing
  • Optimal database usage
  • Web site / Portal development
  • Testing on specified Web browsers
  • Content management tool
  • Support and maintenance

We design and develop Web sites and Portals using mainly CSS for the optimal access times and we guarantee compatibility with all of the commonly used Web browsers.

We recommend and we follow the trend of our times in terms of the design of Web sites which is "simple lines" and the use of delicate and appropriate graphics fit to the needs of each site.

Completed project samples

"Kastellia" Portal of Fokida prefecture - http://www.kastellia.gr
The "Kastellia" (village which belongs to the municipality of Gravia and to the Fokida prefecture) Portal
mykosmos.gr - http://www.mykosmos.gr
Rich content Portal. Your world to the internet!
Foinikas Papagou - http://www.foinikas.gr
The web site for the "Foinikas Papagou" soccer team
Lawyer Web site - http://www.meridou.gr
Lawyer Web site
meteogreece.com - http://www.meteogreece.com
Greece weather forecast comparison
makemyownsite.com - http://www.makemyownsite.com
Learn how to make your own website
meteochina.com - http://www.meteochina.com
China weather forecast comparison
meteorussia.com - http://www.meteorussia.com
Russia weather forecast comparison
meteoengland.com - http://www.meteoengland.com
United Kingdom weather forecast comparison
meteoholland.com - http://www.meteoholland.com
Netherlands weather forecast comparison
meteogermany.com - http://www.meteogermany.com
Germany weather forecast comparison

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